“I can see my patients more safely and securely than ever before. This has had such a great and positive impact in my practice”

- Dr Nokubonga Khoza, KZN

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Dr. Derma Introduction

I am delighted to welcome my fellow dermatologists to Dr. Derma. It has been no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused massive disruption and has proven that we should place a more significant focus on teledermatology.

Dr. Derma will allow you to consult with your patient via the store-and-forward method, and if needed, you can complete an in-person video call. Even though I can see far more patients, my goal has been moving a large portion of my existing practice online.

I find it very convenient treating patients through this medium, and the response has been hugely positive. The Dr. Derma team is responsive and has shaped this application to perfectly suit the dermatologist's needs.

I wish you the greatest success in building your online practice and striving to strengthen dermatology in South Africa.

Dr. WJ Visser
Head of Dermatology SUN
Exco - Dermatology Society South Africa

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Dr. Derma compared to other software

A highlight of the key features found in Dr. Derma as well as the 4 other available options

Dr. Derma Medici Discovery Skype / Zoom Hello Doctor
Feature overview
Available on any device × × ×
Regulatory compliance × × ×
Dermatology focus × × × ×
Store and forward × × × ×
In-person video
Highly automated Limited Limited × Limited
Reporting Standard Standard × Standard
Payment processing Set own rate, card and instant EFT Set own rate, card Fixed rate, card × Fixed rate, card
Claims and scripts Manual script, automatic invoice ×
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Product features

Features that enable you to provide the best care as a dermatologist

Available on any device
Familiar chat interface
Private clinical notes
Highly automated
Multiple ICD-10 codes
Advanced scheduling
Electronic prescription
AI Image quality control
Additional treatments
Assistant access
Medical storage compliance
Voice notes
Medical aid claims
3D secure payments
In-person video
Highly available support
Registered dermatologists in South Africa

Our dermatologists are located across South Africa,
with the ability to consult and treat patients remotely.

Professional online dermatology

The team at Dr. Derma has gone to great lengths to ensure that your consultation is diagnosed accurately, securely and in a timely manner.

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Frequently asked questions

Some of the questions you might have before you’d like to get started.
Didn’t find what you were looking for? support@drderma.co.za

How long does it take to get started?

After you sign up, you will need to complete onboarding, once that's done, you can start accepting patients.

How do I collect information from patients?

Dr. Derma is highly automated, simply add the patient name and cell number and let us do the rest.

How do prescriptions work?

When you've completed the consultation, the patient's prescription is automatically sent to their secure dashboard to download. We fully comply with the PSSA. You can also add your signatures to scripts if you prefer.

Can I download patient files?

Yes, the patient file and consultation specific files can be downloaded in printable PDF.

Personal information safe in the system?

Yes, the application was developed within the HIPAA and POPI frameworks, and information is safe and secure.

How much does it cost?

No monthly or joining fee. We only charge a transaction fee per consultation.

Are we legally safe to use the system?

Yes absolutely, we fully comply with regulatory and health guidelines as well as other nuances such as POPI, storage and 3D secure payments.

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