Starting your consultation | Dr. Derma
  • Starting a

    You are about to start a consultation with the Dr. Derma virtual assistant on behalf of a dermatologist. We just need to go through a few things first

  • Your privacy
    is important

    We take your privacy very seriously and have taken every measure to protect it. None of the Dr. Derma staff can see your medical history, answers or photos — that is strictly for the treating dermatologist

  • The

    You'll need around 10 minutes to complete a consultation. You'll be asked to take at least three photos of your current condition, so ensure you are in a well lit area. If you have a medical aid, please have the information on hand.

  • Regarding

    At the end of your consultation you'll be asked to pay a total of R 599.00. Please have your credit or cheque card at hand. If your medical aid allows you to claim for dermatology we'll provide you with the required documents.

  • Terms and

    By starting a consultation with Dr. Derma, you agree to our terms and conditions and provide your consent as described in our informed consent policy.

    If not, please leave this consultation immediately.